Wuffle dust is the magical element that distinguishes the North Pole from every other region on Earth. This mystical powder was discovered eons ago. No one knows who found it, but its special properties  are still unfolding. They claim that if North Pole explorers ever find it all will be lost; but don't worry, they won't. That's what makes it magic. That, plus a lot of other things.

Once the powers of the spring were realized, the surrouthnding area developed into what is now known as the North Pole Village, beginning with the Sleigh Port, and expanding from there. The Sleigh Port was created in close proximity to the Wuffle Dust Spring because the reindeer must be dusted prior to making the Christmas Run. Otherwise they couldn't fly. The dust is also responsible for reducing the toys and presents to a minute size, so that they can all fit in Santa's sack.

In the earliest of days, the helpers built a well over the spring, but that Wuffle Dust could not be contained. It spilled over the top and permeated the entire area, and to this day, it is used to do anything and everything at the North Pole.

Just prior to Santa's departure, Violet, the snow fairy of magic, douses the sleigh, the reindeer, the toys and presents, Santa's bag, and Santa. Thus, all of the magical events that surround Santa and Christmas will happen. Santa carries a pouch of wuffle dust with him, just for emergencies. Unruly animals, extremely bad weather, and places that don't have chimneys or doors that unlock with Santa's key are a few reasons for using the dust. If he can't get into a place, he just sprinkles a little dust, and an opening magically appears. In fact, wuffle dust will resolve just about any problem that Santa encounters, including inquisitive children.

In addition to making the Christmas Run possible, the dust is used freely  throughout the mystical North Pole. When using this magical powder, the intent is just as important as the dust, itself. If the intent is that something be reduced in size, it will be smaller.  If the user desires life-like qualities, the dusted objects will become animated. The only drawback, if there is one, is that time is limited--24 hours to be exact.

Wuffle dust is used to create all of the buildings and shops at the North Pole. In this case, the establishment has to be occupied within 24 hours, or it will disappear.

Finally, there is no accounting what occurs when the wuffle dust is accidentally dispursed. Anything can happen.

Fortunately, the spring replenishes itself, and there is plenty of dust to supply the North Pole forever.


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