Ticky was helping Boog to pack the tools that he would need in his new shop.  Boog had not heard from Santa yet, but he wasn’t worried. He knew Santa would get word to him today. He also knew that he would have to move quickly, just as soon as he learned the Jingle Bell Fix It Shop was ready.

            “Perhaps Elmer will lend me a couple of sleds,” Boog said. “There’s a lot of stuff here.”

            Ticky nodded in agreement. “That’s a good idea. I could close up long enough to pull one over for you.”

            Observing from her perch on the stool, Tessie shook her head and clicked her tongue in disapproval. “Work  smarter, not harder.”

            “Well, what do you suggest?” Boog countered.

            “Why don’t you just go to the Sleigh Port and get a bucket of dust?  Then, when you hear from Santa, you can douse these things and put all of them in one box.”

            “Why didn’t I think of that?” Ticky sighed.

            “Makes sense to me. Thanks Tessie.”

            “Oh, you’re welcome,” she said, rather smugly. "Gals are always smarter." She slid off the stool, and pulled her sweater around her ample tummy.  “I better get back to the shop. I’ll stop by and see your new place soon. By the way, congratulations.”

            “Wait, I’ll walk with you,” Boog said, grabbing a pail. “I’m taking your advice and getting some dust.”

            Shortly after they left, North Pole Phil arrived with the message from Santa.  “Where’s Boog?”

            “He’ll be back momentarily. He just went to the Sleigh Port. Does he have mail?” Ticky asked.

            “Well, he has a message from the Workshop. Santa asked me to give it to him right away.”

            “I’ll take care of it.” Ticky held the envelope up to the light.

            “It’s about a new shop,” Phil said, grinning.

            “I know.  He’s been expecting it.” Ticky placed it on the counter.

            “Where’s the shop going to be?”

            “Second Street.”

            “Another stop for me. At least it's in the Proper,” Phil said. “Well, I’m outta here.” He let the door slam behind him.


            Tessie went to her shop and Boog hurried on to the wuffle dust well.  Violet greeted him.

            “I need a bucket of dust.”

            “Certainly,” Violet said, dipping his bucket into the well.  She handed him the pail. “Are you excited about the new place?”

            "I sure am.  Can't wait to see it." He thanked her, and headed back to Ticky’s. On his way, he came upon North Pole Phil. “Greetings, Phil. Any mail for me?”

            “As a matter of fact, there’s a message for you at the Tack and Bridle Shop.  It’s from the Workshop. Ticky said you’re expecting it.”

            “Yippee!” shouted Boog. “Oh, and thanks,” he yelled behind him. He ran toward Ticky’s, his pail of dust swinging.


            “Ticky!” Boog hollered, as he pushed through the door.

            “Geez, Boog, I’m right here; and so is the message.”

            “What does it say?”

            “It says, move, you oaf!” What do you think it says?” Ticky shook his head and chuckled.

            “Well, then, let’s get started,” Boog said impatiently.

            They dusted the tools and repair work that would be moved to the new Fix It shop. “POOF!” The things all but disappeared.

            “Tessie sure is smart,” Boog said, then he turned to his old boss.  “Well, Ticky, thanks for everything. I’ve really enjoyed working here.”

            “It’s been my pleasure. Want me to help you with the box?”

            “Nah, I’ve got it.”

            “Well, I’ll stop by later and see how you’re doing. If you need anything, just let me know.”  Ticky extended his stubby hand. 

            Boog grasped Ticky’s hand and shook it. “Okay, well, I’ll see you later, then.”  He picked up the box and left Ticky’s Tack and Bridle Wares, for the last time as an employee.


            Boog raced down Candy Cane Lane to Santa Claus Lane, and then to Second Street, where his new shop was located. “Right next to the Ted's,” he whispered, as he adjusted the box under his arm.

            Suddenly, there it was!  “Jingle Bell Fix It Shop” the sign read, and right underneath, "Ding dong the dent is gone." It had a blue roof, and a brass bell, just above the sign.  There was a dim light glowing from within.

            Boog slowly opened the door. “Ah,” he breathed. Immediately he began removing things from the box, placing them where he wanted them, and blowing on them.  “POOF!” They returned to their original sizes.

            Finally, the shop was occupied, and in plenty of time, too. There was no chance of losing it now.  Boog settled in a chair next to his new workbench and propped his feet on a wooden stool. “My own shop at last.”






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