The Big Push was on. The mail for Santa was so plentiful, it had to be dusted daily, just so Phil could deliver it.  He made no less than a half dozen trips to the mail room of the Workshop every single day.  Each time he dropped off mail, Phil took a load of finished letters to the Christmas Archives, where Strubby safely stored them forever.

        It was during this time that Santa made his list.  All of the girls and boys were on the list, and a large percentage of them chose to write to Santa with their requests.  Santa wanted to please every child, and so he and Mrs. Claus, and Jimbo, would pour over the letters daily, sorting by country, and by requests. 

         "That's another Super Duper Raining Tree Forest," Santa sighed, and tossed the letter into the 'Already Read' bag.  "How many more sacks before we're finished with today's letters?"

         Jimbo looked behind Santa."Only three, sir." 

         "This job gets bigger each year," Mrs. Claus said, matter-of-factly.  "I think we will need more help next year."

         Jimbo grabbed a bag of letters and dumped them on the table.  "Dear Santa," he read, and Mrs. Claus began to take notes.

         Santa took another letter.  "Cindy wants a Banana Fan and an Oobie Doobie Doo Recorder," he laughed, and Jimbo recorded Cindy's requests.  "You're right, of course, Mama," Santa said, "but we say the same thing every year."

         "True," she sighed, "but we're not getting any younger."

          Santa chuckled. "Well, we're not getting any older, either."

         "That's a fact," Jimbo chimed in.  "Both of you will live forever!"

          "If we don't smother under all these letters," Mrs. Claus stated emphatically.  "No, I insist.  We must have more help, and I mean this year."

          "Where are we going to get another helper?" Santa asked skeptically.  "Everyone needs more help this time of year."

         "Surely there's an elf or a bear somewhere.  What about Bee-eff and Dee-ell?  I'll bet they would love to help.  Or, how about the snow dragon?  She's made it clear that she wants to be a member of our community," Mrs. Claus said.  She really did run the show, pretty much, and if she said more help was needed, then they would have to get more help.

          Santa knitted his brows. "Hmmm, well I suppose they are available.  We haven't asked them to help out any place, and I'm sure they would all be happy to give us a hand."

          "We could get a little assembly line going, Santa," Jimbo added.  "Bee-eff and Dee-ell could help me make the list, and Charisma could help you and Mrs. Claus read the letters."

          "Papa, we are getting more than a dozen sacks of mail a day!" Mrs. Claus stated.  "We will need to send a message to Polar Park.  I don't want to wait until next year for help!  I'm sure the penguins will be glad to come here and assist."

          "And Charisma comes into town every couple of days," Jimbo added.  "We can give North Pole Phil the message, and he can locate her.  She's sure to come by the end of the week!"

           Mrs. Claus smiled broadly. "Yes, that is just fine."

            "Well, it seems to be settled," Santa said.


          By the end of the week, things were operating a little more smoothly.  Bee-eff and Dee-ell were thrilled with their new jobs, and, even though they didn't talk, they proved to be whizzes at alphabetizing and organizing the vast multitude of incoming requests. 

          Charisma was also pleased to assist, and she relieved North Pole Phil of the burden of delivering Santa's letters.  She soared between the Polar Post Office, the Workshop, and the Christmas Archives, breathing kaleidoscopes of color, thus creating North Pole Air Mail and the Aurora Borealis. With Charisma helping in this fashion, North Pole Phil was able to complete his daily mail delivery throughout the village and, then, report to the Workshop to assist with the list.

          The list, which increased by more than 200 pages daily, filled all of Santa's time between Winter Wonderland and December 23rd, when it would finally be complete.  And so, the days continued to pass quickly for Santa and his helpers, and slowly for all the eager children of the world. 


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