Phred and Noel followed the dragon through the Starlight Forest. At last, the snow dragon stopped. "Rrrri, we have arrived."

            Phred sighed. "Thank goodness. My legs are beginning to ache."

            "Rri, do not fret, for I will see that you are renewed, and your vision is restored." The snow dragon breathed dazzling rainbows that filled the air. She led Noel, with Phred, into her abode. "We have arrived."

            "Are we inside?" Phred asked.

            "Yes, rrrrii, my home is made of ice and a place of healing. We will not be here long, rrrri," the dragon purred. "I come here renew myself. You, too will be whole."

            Drawing energy from her chamber, the dragon began to exhale sparkling rainbows over Phred and Noel.

            Gradually, Phred's vision returned. He gazed around the room. "Ooooo," he murmered, awed by the twinkling ice enclosure.

            The walls reflected a variety of iridescent colors, which glimmered and radiated glorious pastels and deeper hues. Light from thousands of golden stars that adorned the walls enhanced the brilliance. In the corner was a large treasure chest, made entirely of ice, and overflowing with gemstones and stars.

            Phred walked around the room, taking in everything. "This is the most beautiful home I've ever seen."

            The dragon's chest puffed with pride. "Rrri, rrrri. I call this my ice palace." I have collected stars for ages. You see, I lost my special star long ago." She wove the story as carefully as she threaded her rainbows colors.

            Phred interrupted the dragon. "When you breathe, I see the most awesome colors, swirling everywhere!," he whispered.

            "Rrrri, rrrrrrrriii! It's because of my star!" The gleeful dragon said. "And, while I searched for it, my star," She nodded, and whisps of  twinkling color drifted from her nostrils. "And while I searched for it, I gathered every loose star I found."

            "Loose star?" Phred stroked Noel's neck.

            "Yes. I would never pick a star from a tree." The dragon purred.


            "Yes, in the Starlight Forest, the trees are covered with golden stars. Some are set with gemstones. Rrrrrii. They are my favorites" The dragon circled her head around the room. "As you can see, I have quite a collection," and the rainbow colors swirled.


            Phred could hardly believe his eyes! "Ahhh," he murmered. The golden trees hosted dazzling stars, some paved  with gemstones of every color. Phred stood in the middle of the court yard and slowly rotated, taking everything in. "I can see," he spurted. "I can see better than I ever could!"

            "Rrrrrrii. Yes, and you see things you've never seen before. And you will always be able to see in the Starlight Forest. Your vision will never fail you again, rri."

            Phred stared overhead. "It's made entirely of ice and snow...and huge icicles."

            "Rrri, my spires." She snapped her opalescent wings proudly.

            Phred was still looking up. "Yippers, who made those ice sculptures -- oh wow! Santa, himself, in ice!"

            "A decent likeness, is it not? rrri."

            "I've never seen a better one." Phred snapped his fingers and looked at the dragon. "Hey! You have wings. Do those things work?"

            "Rrrrrri, rrri, I certainly hope so. I've not soared in the sky since before the Elvin Migration." She snapped her wings and stretched them, with an easy glide. At first she fluttered and then she flapped, increasing her range, until she was flapping grandly. "Ah, that feels nice, rri. Yes, I can fly."

            "You have to come with me to Winter Wonderland! You will surely win the ice sculpting contest!"

            "Contest?" rrriid the intrigued dragon.

            "Yes. Geez, I bet the parade is over."

`           "Parade? Rrrrri."

            "Yes. Winter Wonderland, a grand celebration. It's when Yuletide begins." Phred's eyes grew wide. "It's a sure thing. I am certain you will win the ice sculpture prize."

            "Prize!" The dragon swelled. "Let's go!"








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