Meanwhile, Donovan stood in the doorway of Reindeer Traffic Control. "It's snowing," he yelled to Nobby, who was busy waxing the sleigh in preparation for the Wonderland Parade. Donovan backed into the hangar area, and closed the door.

            "Yep, s'posed to snow for the next few days," Nobby said grunting. He stretched as high as he could and applied more wax to the sleigh. "Can you bring the ladder?"

            "Sure," Donovan replied, and went into the storage space to get the ladder. This area was already stuffed with toys, and Donovan had to climb over several bicycles.I should have brought some dust. He finally found the ladder, and after relocating a couple of oversized teddy bears,  he dragged it into the hangar.

            Donovan carefully placed the ladder against the sleigh. Grabbing a chamoix, he climbed the ladder and began to polish the top of the sleigh. "I shoulda taken some dust with me!"

            "No kiddin'," Nobby scowled. "It's a mess in there."

            "And it's only gonna get worse." Donovan went over the same spot again.

            Nobby and Donovan worked and talked until the sleigh shone brightly.

            Nobby stood back and admired their work. "She sure is a beauty."

            "I'll get the dust." Donovan grabbed a bucket and headed for the wuffle dust well.

            Nobby erased a scuff he had discovered.


            The large snowflakes brushed Donovan's face as he made his way to the well. He extended his tongue and caught a few flakes. I love the snow. Everything is so peaceful.

            "G'evening, Violet. I need some dust."

            Violet's wings fluttered easily, as she took his pail and filled it. The dust twinkled is

            Donovan smiled. "You oughta see it, Violet. It always gives me goose bumps once it's polished."

            "I know," Violet said. "Me, too. When are we leaving?"

            "First thing tomorrow." Donovan clapped his hands. "Can you believe Winter Wonderland is here?"

            "I'm excited, too." Violet's wings fluttered quickly. "When exactly does the Pole reappear?"

            "I dunno," Donovan said, "But we have to be there when it does."

            "I'll be early!"



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