"I goin' Gwacier Wake," Nadie hollered, and took off before Holly could catch him.  She wasn't worried, though.  Everyone knew Nadie and looked out for him. He was looking for Blitzen, or maybe Beluga.

            "Hey, Wia," Nadie called, as he approached the stables. "Wia!"

            "What are you doing here?" Ria demanded.  "Does your Boppi know you're here?"

            "Top bein' so bossy!  You jus a' elfwing!  I wanna see Bwitzen!"

            "B-litzen! B-litzen is sleeping."

            "Why he sweepin' again. He alway sweepin'?"

            "Not sweeping, s-leeping."

            "Das what I say, you dum gurl."

            "And that's what you always say!"

            "Well, no matter what you call me, B-litzen is s-leeping, so you'll have to come back later. Not today, though. I have to train a new helper."

            "Okay, see ya waiter, alwagator."


            "Afer while cwockodile, you dum gurl."


            Nadie skidded on the lake.  After a bit, he found the hole in the ice where he and Boog had fished.  "I wanna be a pish."

            Nadie tumbled through the water until the change was complete.  Then he began to call "Bewuga" as he swam. 

            There was no sign of the big whale, so Nadie kept swimmimg. After a while he arrived at another break in the ice.  Thinking he was back, he said, "I be Nadie now." He found himself on the ice, with very strange surroundings.

            "Whoa!" He slowly turned around, taking everything in. "Dis is a new pwace."

            "Eck eck eck, not tho new." The huge blue-gray silky creature made a clicking noise and spoke with a lisp, and then he farted.  Bwann bwana bwanna!

            Nadie squealed with delight.  "You tooted!" Then he covered his nose. "And you tink, too."

            "Eck eck, ith's called a fart." Bwannnna!

            "A faat? Wat yo name?  Wereo is dis?"

            "Eck eck eck eck, Wollymon ith my name. I'm a walruth. And thith ith Chrithtmath Island." Bwa!

            "Chrithmath Iwand?  Wolwymon, de walwuth?  I wanna be a walwuth!"And just like that, Nadie was a walrus.

            "Eck eck, thath  imprethive."  Bwa bwaaa bwan!

            "Now, how I faat?"

            "Eck eck eck eck,  ith withe not to theek a thecret, and honetht not to reveal it." Bwaaaana!


            Wollymon scratched his dreadlocked orange mustache with his flipper. "It meanth, I won't tell you." Bwana!

            "But, I wan it.  I wanna faat, too."

            Bwannna! "Eck eck eck eck, ith's eathier to prevent bad habitth than to break them."

            "But, I wanna faat," Nadie wailed.

            "Eck eck eck, foolth make feethth and withe men EAT THEM." Wollymon pounced toward Nadie. Bwannnna, bwana!

            Nadie jumped back. "Top it Wolwymon, top bein' mean."

            Bwannna Bwaaa! "Eck eck eck eck, yo ho ho ho." Wollymon laughed clicked, and farted at the same time, revealing  the two white tusks that shone beneath his mustache.

            "You not eat me, wite, Wolwymon?"

            "Eck eck, of courth not.  Don't be thilly." Bwanna! "A full belly ith the mother of all evil. Bethidth, you don't look like you'll tathe good with keth-up."

            "You so wieod."

            "Eck eck, thank you.  Thath a compliment." Bwannana!!

            "Bye bye Wolwymon. I wanna be home now," and just like that, he was Nadie again, and in his front yard.         




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