Tumbling head over heels through the water, Nadie saw he didn't have feet anymore.  Instead, he had a tail.  It took him a little bit to get the hang of it, but soon he was swimming through the water using his new fins to change directions.

            Suddenly, he saw a huge dark shadow slowly moving toward him.  Most folks would be scared, but not Nadie.  He was a curious little fellow.  He swam toward the shadow, and it got bigger, and then cleared.

            "Is jus a big pish." Nadie got closer.  "Hewo, I Nadie."

            "Pleased to meet you.  I'm Beluga."

            "Hewo Bewuga. I a snelfwing."

            "I've never seen a snelfwing.  I'm a whale. I'm sorry. I hate to rush away, but I’m on my way to get  air." Beluga turned and swam in the opposite direction.  "Come back sometime," he called.

            "Bye," Nadie said.  He swam a little more.  He didn't see anyone else.  "Wers my Boppi?"

            Just like that, he was back on the ice.

            Boog was wringing his hands and moaning.

            "Was wong, Boppi?"

            "Nadie!" Boog threw his arms around him.  "Where did you go?

            "I was a pish, an I was fwimmin in de water, an I met Bewuga."

            "A fish?  A FISH!  Nadie!"

            "No weally, I was a pish, and Bewuga is a big pish.  Is a wale."

            "A whale? Seriously?"

            "Yesss, he had t’ go cause he need aio."

            Boog sat on the ice.  He covered his eyes with his hand.  "Nadie, let's go home.  I'm exhausted."

            "Awww, no, Boppi.  Way a minute."

            Boog glanced at his watch, and showed it to Nadie. "Let's go, Bubby."

            Nadie looked at Boog's watch. "Awite," he sniffed.


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