"So, what did the fairies decide about Holly?" Zann was ready to take notes.

            "Instead of the traditional red, she will wear green." Rose's magenta filigree wings fluttered gently. She was in charge of all joining preparations, for she was the snow fairy of beauty. 

            Of all the fairies, Rose was the most stunning. Her long, dark, wavy locks, tipped with pink, trailed over her shoulders, and her deep pink eyes darkened with her mood.  When she was really excited, her wings, typically pink and rose, changed colors, and her irises looked like rosebuds. The colors in her sparkling gown ranged from light pink to deep rose, and even red, in places.

            Zann scribbled on her pad. "Green, huh?  Why not the traditional red?"          "Well, Holly has emerald eyes; green is her color."

            "New dress or her regular gown?"

            "New, and please print that the gals should bring red and green threads."         

"Got it, Rose.  Anything else?"

            "Well, let me see.  Belle will be doing the ritual, itself, and will help Violet and me with the other plans."

            "What about Holly?" Zann asked.

            "Holly won't be helping, of course. Belle will consult with her, though. She will probably want to talk with you, as well."


            “Well, you are the North Pole Nurturer.”

            "Oh, and, for our readers, why Belle?"

            Rose's magenta eyes sparkled. "Because, she is the snow fairy of dreams. She will also consult with Sheeny."

            "Got it."

            "On a different note," Rose's glittering wings were alive with color, "a new snow fairy has arrived, well two, in fact."

            Zann jumped up, dropping her pencil.  "What?"

            Rose smiled.  "Yes, we have Dandy, the fairy of delight, and another song bearer, Cadence!"

            Zann sat back down and started writing again. "What do they look like? How many more are coming?"

            "I can't answer either question. Just heard it myself." Rose batted her rosebud eyes. "No one can tell us if there are any more fairies.  I was quite surprised, but isn't it delightful to have a snow fairy of delight?"

            "Indeed. Any other little tidbits?"

            "I think that's about it.  Oh, yes, everyone knows this, but the gals  should bring a snack to share; the Joining Preparation Party is pot luck."

            "Okay, then." Zann stood up.  "How can I meet the new fairies? Oh, and is Dandy going to help with the party?"

            "I'm not sure about when and where you can meet them, but Dandy is going to help by entertaining the guys."

            "The guys?" Zann sat down again, pulling out her pad.  "Is she jumping out of a cake or something?"

            "I'm not sure.  Dandy is a 'he,' though."

            "Yippers!  I didn't know there were male snow fairies."

            Rose's wings fluttered. "Nor did I."

            "This month's 'Herald' is going to be full of news!" Zann said happily.

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