Holly hummed as she made her hot cocoa. She thumbed through the latest edition of the ‘Herald’ as she nibbled on her cinnamon biscuit. While dressing, she admired her long golden tresses in her mirror. Fingering the green tips, she smile. It’s going to be a good day.

            A rap on the window interrupted her thoughts.  Turning, she saw Boog with his nose pressed against the pane.  He grinned and waved. 

            She threw open the door.  “What on Earth are you doing here?”

            “I was on my way home and I saw your light – and I’m pretty sure I smelled cinnamon.”

            “You’re working awfully late, aren’t you?”

            “A little.  I get my best work done after the shop is closed.”

            “I’m just starting my day,” Holly said.

            “I know.” Boog stifled a yawn.

            “I’m going to gather snowflakes and icicles. Do you want to tag along?”

            “It’s so late!”

            “Nope, it’s early.”

            “Well, I've never seen you make a mobile.” Boog's frustration with Rissy had disappeared, and he decided he wasn't too tired.

            “You can come along, but you have to help.”  Holly pointed to the cupboard.  “Grab a bucket.”

            Swinging the pail, Boog trotted along behind Holly as she hurried down the street.  “Where are we goin’? Huh?” he asked, catching up with her.

            “Glacier Lake, to gather icicles and snowflakes for the mobiles and chimes.”

            “It’s so quiet,” Boog whispered.

            “It will be at least two hours before the others are up and about, and I’ll be back at my igloo by then.”

            “To build the snow mobiles?”

            “Yes, and to create the icicle wind chimes.”  Holly tossed a handful of wuffle dust onto the ground, then carefully began to select her snowflakes.  “Bring the pail,” she called to Boog.

            “Ya know, I always had fun when we were in school,” Boog said, holding the bucket.  “I always wondered what it was like,” he added thoughtfully.  “So, what is it like?”


            “Being a snow fairy.”

            Holly laughed.  “How does it feel to be an elf?”

            “I dunno.  It feels normal, I guess.”

            “Well, it feels normal for me to be a snow fairy.”  She placed a snowflake in the bucket.

            “Oh.  Why did you dust the snow?”

            “So I can see the snowflakes, and so they will last until tomorrow,” Holly replied, putting another snowflake in the pail.  “You see, once dusted, the details are visible.  Look at this one!  It’s so intricate!”

            Boog studied the snowflake.  “It’s very beautiful,” he agreed.  “It looks like sparkling lace.” 

            “They’re perfect little crystals.” Holly focused on her task, choosing only the most detailed patterns, and carefully placing the snowflakes in the bucket.

            “It’s amazing,” Boog whispered.  “I never noticed the individual flakes before.”

            “You don’t have to whisper,” she whispered back.

            Boog laughed nervously. “Like I said, I just never noticed them before.”

            “And no two alike.”

            “How about this one?” Boog said.

            “It’s nice.  Put it in the pail.”  Holly dusted another patch of snow, and she and Boog filled the bucket with select snowflakes.  Then she started toward the Icicle Reefs.

            Boog trotted behind her. “Where are we going now?”

            “To get the icicles for the chimes.  You know, when we were in school, I had a lot of fun, too.”

            “You did?”

            Holly laughed.  “Yes, and I'm excited about our joining.”

            Boog stopped.  "Do you think it will work?  I mean, do you really believe we'll be happy?  And that we can stay together?"

            “Yes, I do. Why do you ask?”

            "I dunno.  I don't get along at all with Rissy."

            "Boog," Holly said, batting her emerald eyes.  "We've always been close friends, and we almost never argue."

            “I'm excited too.”  Boog smiled broadly. "I have to say, I was surprised to read about it in the 'Herald,' though."

            "It made me happy to see it.  And how about Jackson and Sheeny? Whoever makes those decisions is smart and attentive." 

            "Yeah, Jackson and Sheeny make a great pair."

            They finished collecting the snow flakes, but there was still more work for Holly. "You must be tired by now," she said. "Let's hurry."

            “Oh, I couldn’t sleep a wink.  Just take your time.  I’m having fun.”

            Holly blushed.  “So am I.”

            They trudged through the fresh snow toward the darker side of the glacier.  “So, what do you do when you’re done?”

            “Done for the day?”

            “No, done gathering the snowflakes and icicles.”

            “I go back to my igloo and create my snow mobiles.”

            “And wind chimes,” Boog added.

            “Yes, and chimes, too.”

            “Then you deliver them?”

            “Yup. Then I deliver them, two at a time.”

            “Two at a time!”

            “Well, gee, I can only carry one in each hand, duh.”

            Boog acted stupid.  “Duh-uh.”

            Holly laughed.  “You’re funny.”

            “Aw,” Boog blushed.  “So that must take a long time.”

            “It’s my job.  I can only serve North Pole, Proper."  She sighed. " I don’t have enough time to do the other areas.  Clancy’s been after me forever.  He wants me to deliver all the way out at the Cabin.  I told him there’s just no way.”

            “Whew, I guess not.”  Boog shook his head.  “I’ve never been here before,” he said, staring at the icicles.

            “Really?  I come here every day.”  An icicle snapped as she broke it from the icy reef.

            “It’s lighter around here than I imagined.”

            “Yes, I believe it’s the Northern Lights.  Look over there.  Do you see all the splendid color?  It’s not always here.”

            “Sort of blue,” he commented.

            “Yes, or aqua and some green.”  Holly studied the sky.

            “How far have you gone?”

            “Oh, not far.  There’s a cavern over there though.  I’ve never been inside.  I find the prettiest icicles near the mouth of the cave.”  She plucked another icicle from the reef.  “I think I have enough now.”

            “What’s in the cave?”

            “Like I said, I’ve never been inside.”  Holly turned back toward the lake.

            Boog followed her back to the igloo.  He stopped at the door and yawned.  “I better go home now.”  He smiled at Holly.  “I had a real good time.”

            “I thought you wanted to watch me make the mobiles."

            “Some other time. I'm really tired." He waved and headed down the path toward Elves Quarters, North; but instead of going home, he turned toward Glacier Lake. The cavern was beckoning him.


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