Well, Boog was wrong.  He and Rissy bickered continuously.  If it wasn’t this, it was that.  While Rissy felt quite confident about her work, she just couldn’t help being offended by Boog’s boyish attitude; and Boog  couldn’t believe how bossy Rissy was.  It just wasn’t right.  It was his shop after all.

            Their constant quarreling caused chaos at the Weather Station.  The TS scale behaved in a most erratic fashion and the weather guessers spent a lot of time putting on their coats and taking them off again.  They even ran to get Santa on a few occasions.

            Orin and Yort finally complained. 

“It’s getting out of hand, Santa, and we don’t know what to do,” Yort said.

            “It's always Rissy and Boog,” Orin said, “but we can’t be positive without checking."

            “So we have to take each incident seriously,” Yort interrupted.

            “Yes, yes,” Santa said, frowning.  “It certainly is a problem.  I don’t mind coming out here if there’s trouble, but lately these trips have been unnecessary.  I’ll speak to them.”

            As Santa approached the Jingle Bell Fix It Shop, he could hear that Boog and Rissy were at it again.

            “I’ll move it myself!” Rissy said, glaring at Boog.

            “What’s your problem?  You know that box is too heavy.”

            “You have heard of wuffle dust, haven’t you?”

            “That’s stupid!  All I have to do is pick it up and put it over . . .”

            “Enough,” Santa shouted, the door banging behind him.  “What’s going on here?”

            Boog drew a deep breath. “Nothing, sir.”

            “Nothing?  I could hear the two of you half way down Second Street!  Now, what’s wrong, Rissy?”

            She pointed to Boog. “He thinks I’m stupid and can’t do anything right!” 

            “That’s not true!" Boog directed his attention toward Santa.

 "She’s just too bossy!”         

            Santa crossed his arms.  “You two are going to have to get along.  You’re driving the weather guessers mad.  Quite frankly, I’m tired of being summoned to the Weather Station, only to learn that you two are bickering again.  You have to settle your differences. So how can I help?” 

            Boog glared at Rissy, and she stuck her tongue out at him.

            “That's not helpful,” Santa said.

            “I know, sir," Boog sighed.

            Santa thought for a bit."Perhaps the two of you can be more patient with one another; and considerate. Lots of folks are working extra hard because you two are bickering. Our community needs us, all of us."

            “I understand, Santa. Can I be excused?” Rissy asked. "I’d like to go home, and I promise to have a better attitude tomorrow.”

            “You may go, Rissy, and please think about things. Maybe you have an idea or two that will help to ease the trouble.” Santa turned to Boog.  “And, Boog, I want you to think about things, too. Both of you can work things through. Just because one of you does something in a different way, it doesn't make the other one wrong.  Just different.  Do you both understand?"

            Rissy was buttoning her coat. "Yes, sir, I promise I'll be different tomorrow."

            "Good. I know you will be." Then he looked at Boog. "Are you leaving, too?"

            “No, sir; I get my best work done when she’s not around.”

            “Very well, carry on.  Come in a little later tomorrow.  That way the two of you will spend less time together; and please try to have a better attitude.”

            “Yes, sir; um . . . Santa . . . are you angry with me?”

            “Angry?  No, I’m not angry;  just frustrated.”  Santa left the Jingle Bell Fix It Shop, and the door banged behind him.

            Boog flipped the sign on the door to ‘Closed’ and sat down to think.  He certainly didn’t want to disappoint Santa, but even more than that, he didn’t want the TS to rise on account of him.  He vowed to do better.  He climbed onto the stool in front of the ‘Repairs’ workbench.  He picked up one of his tools and began to work.

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