Elmer peered out the door of the Cabin. The weather was getting very bad and there was no sign of Phred. Clancy was upstairs with Farley.

         “Farley is sick,” Clancy stated as he came downstairs. “Stay with him, will you?  I’m going to the train stop to meet Willie. I’m going to ask him to send Doc,” he added.

        “He still can’t get up?”  Elmer was concerned. “Sure I’ll stay with him.”

        “Try to get him to drink some hot apple cider,” Clancy instructed. He dressed for the bitter cold and left Elmer to tend to Farley.

         Clancy had only been gone a bit when Elmer started to fret. “Why didn’t I go to the train stop?  I could have delivered the message to Willie, and ridden the train home.”  He continued to chastise himself while he took care of Farley.  He poured a cup of cider and climbed the steps to the loft.  “Sometimes I just don’t think,” he muttered.

         “Here you are.” Elmer offered the mug to Farley.  

          Farley just rolled his head to the side and closed his eyes.  He was a slight elf, and barely took up half of his bunk. 

         “Won’t you at least take a sip?”

         Farley shook his head. 

         Elmer put the mug on the table and sat on the bed. “I’m sorry you’re so sick, buddy. It’s snowing like crazy out there – it’s a blizzard.” 

         Farley moaned and tried to adjust his covers.

         “I’ll help you.” Elmer pulled Farley’s blanket up around his neck. 

         Farley attempted a smile.

         “Do you need anything else?” Elmer asked. 

          Farley shook his head.

         Elmer went back down the steps and looked out the door once again. There was nothing to look at except whirling snow. He returned to the table and sat on the bench.  After quite awhile, Clancy returned.

         “I had to wait a bit for Willie. He’s going to send Doc out. How’s Farley?” Clancy asked.

         “He’s awfully sick,” Elmer said, frowning. “Can I do anything else for you?”

         "I guess we just have to wait for Doc.”

         “Farley didn’t drink his cider. Since you’re back, I’m going home.”

         “Phred should be back soon and he’s bringing Smitty,” Clancy argued.

         "No, Clancy. Phred will not come back here today. Just look at this weather!”

         “It’s bad out there, Elmer. Why don’t you just bunk here again tonight?”

         Elmer wouldn’t consider another night at the Cabin. Deciding he just couldn’t stay any longer, he turned to Clancy. “I have to go. I can’t wait any longer. I’ll come back after the storm. In fact, I’ll pick up Smitty and we’ll come out together.” Elmer put on his mittens and coat.

         “Well, at least take a cart. You can borrow Berry. She can take you home pretty quickly,” Clancy said.

         “Thanks. That will help a lot. Smitty and I will bring her back after the storm,” Elmer tied his scarf around his neck and slung his skates over his shoulder, then followed Clancy outside.

            Clancy hitched the little deer to the cart. A few minutes later, Elmer was on his way home.

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