This edition I will explain a little about Santa's helpers. Although I've never counted them, I think there are approximately 100-125 helpers at the North Pole. Most of them are elves, but there are polar bears, reindeer, a pair of penguins (a gift from the South Pole), snow fairies and a snow dragon. There are no human helpers that live at the North Pole, although sometimes they visit. People have wondered why some animals talk and others don't. As close as I can ascertain, helpers who began their lives at the North Pole can talk. The reindeer don't talk unless they're dusted. That's because they migrated to the mystical North Pole from surrounding regions. Polar bears who were born within the mystical North Pole can talk while others can't. Many people don't know it but Santa and Mrs. Santa are also helpers. They provide leadership and guidance to the rest of the community, but  without the rest of the helpers, there would be no Christmas Run.

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