Another week has passed and I'm not sure anyone is reading. Last edition, I stated that there are no humans that live at North Pole. That isn't exactly correct. At one time, Mrs. Claus was a human. Upon her arrival at the North Pole she was magically transformed into a mystical helper. Her story is found in the Polestory (prologue) under Stocking Stuffers.

The elves make up the lion's share of the helpers. They come from the Starlight Forest. They usually emerge either as elflings or elves. On occasion Mrs. Claus will go into the forest and select a star to give to a newly joined couple. When the star is ready it becomes an elfant and shortly grows into an elfling. The progression for elves is elfant, elfling, elfalescent, elf, and elder elf. The lifespan is several centuries unless interrupted by accident or illness. Although they migrate from the Starlight Forest, they can never return because the light is blinding to elves. They do develop excellent night vision which is necessary for the long winter night time.


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