Most folks believe that the North Pole is a frozen wasteland, inhabited by a few polar bears, seals, and walruses. These beliefs are occasionally confirmed by explorers, who assure us that there is nothing there but snow and ice.

            Then, there are those of us who know better. We know that Santa lives there and we also know that Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the reindeer live there with him.  Most of us who know this truth don’t know much more than that; but we believe that Santa’s home is a quiet little place.

            Not so! The North Pole is a bustling village comprised of approximately 100 elves, several polar bears, a pair of penguins, the snow dragon, and of course, the reindeer. It is a cooperative community wherein the needs of all are met. In this land, playing is as important as working, and the helpers do both vigorously. They are very responsible and take pride in their activities. There is no greed, wealth, or poverty at the North Pole. There is, however, an overwhelming spirit of generosity and love.

            You see, the residents of the mystical North Pole have a greater goal than their personal happiness and welfare. Their purpose is to make Christmas a happy time for children everywhere.

            And so, our story begins, not with ‘Once upon a time,’ for it is surely more than once, but with Santa’s return to the North Pole, following the Christmas Run.




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